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Welcome to Summit Health

Your plan materials

Get your Evidence of Coverage (EOC), Summary of Benefits (SB), Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC), and Formulary and Pharmacy Directory

Evidence of Coverage (EOC)

Use your Evidence of Coverage to find out what is covered in your plan and how your plan works. All of the details about your plan are included in the EOC.



Summary of Benefits (SB)

Your Summary of Benefits includes highlights of your plan such as your monthly premium, annual out-of-pocket maximum, and copays for medical services.


Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC)

Each fall, we will send you an Annual Notice of Changes. Review the Annual Notice of Changes to see any changes in costs, coverage and service area. These changes will take place in January.


Pharmacy Benefit Information

All the information you need regarding your pharmacy coverage, including our list of covered drugs (Formulary) and the Pharmacy Directory.

2023 Summit Health Medicare Advantage Contract Addendum

Addendum to your Summary of Benefits (SB), Evidence of Coverage (EOC), and Plan Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC)

Last updated Oct. 1, 2023

Contact us

Call 844-827-2355 (TTY users, please call 711).
Our customer service team is available from 7 a.m.– 8 p.m. (Pacific Time), seven days a week October 1 – March 31 (closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas), and weekdays April 1 – September 30. Your call will be handled by our automated phone systems outside business hour.

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